With six exhibitions on display across Europe Picasso is doubtless the must-see artist for the upcoming season. For those in London, the Tate Modern will put on show paintings, sculptures and works on paper produced in his year of wonders, 1932.

Picasso was a complicated, intense man who throughout his life expressed his feelings and ideas with his paintings, ceramics and sculptures. His art is his biography, his personal and artistic growth are blended and witness how much the artist took inspiration from the women he loved. In 1932 Picasso was 50, and his career was at its peak. A massive retrospective in Paris and an auction record both celebrated himself as the most charismatic artistic figure of the 20th century.

His wife and a young mistress highlighted his life and love was dominant in his painting, Picasso was happy. There were no signs of the changes coming both on the political scene and his existence. Violence and loss will soon be on evidence, and his art will never be the same again.