For those who know the meaning of the French adjective, the link with Modigliani’s nickname does not seem accidental. The cursed artist lived a short existence; alcohol, disease, drugs and depression were constant. His creativity mingles with his melancholy and his art expresses a deep, touching agony.

Since very young he felt the need to express himself in his way. Florence and Venice gave him a classical formation, Paris a fervid environment and Primitive Art the perfect inspiration. Modigliani pulled from the influences of the expressionism and incorporated his ideas into abstract art with an emotional spirit. While his contemporaries loved outdoor scenes, Modigliani preferred indoor portraits and nudes.

The human figure was his real interest, and he represented his friends, his lover and his mistresses and developed a unique style that gave him a worldwide celebrity. Hard to believe the artist did not enjoy the economic benefit of his art because during his time he was not well received and there were times when he exchanged his paintings for having a meal. One exhibition highlighted his short prolific career, but his nudes considered indecent and withdrew from the gallery.

I hope there is a life after death and Modi could appreciate when a few years ago Christie’s sold one of his nudes for 170 million dollars. Not too bad for an artist who could not even support himself. Modi, cursed by his apprehension never liked to be classified into a specific stream. His art was a constant search for himself; human passions and feelings tormented him so much that he was able to paint flat stylised figures giving them profound emotional content, mysterious eyes representing the emptiness of the souls.