Bridget Riley is still the Queen of Optical Art

Bridget Riley is on show, till the 10th of March, at David Zwirner Gallery in London displaying the works she produced in the last four years. Aged 86 she is still one of the most appreciated and expensive living British artist. She is the first woman to win the International Prize for Painting at the Venice Biennale and the Dutch Art Award for the use of colour, not too bad for an artist starting her career with monochrome repetition of geometric shapes to create visual sensations. The style she has been perfecting along the years is rational and precise, rhythm and repetition create motion and even the most simple shapes gain visual activation. Her works challenge the viewer with the exploration of the vision and its speed which contracts or expands the patterns. With her solo exhibition she presents both wall paintings and works on canvas investigating the use of black and white and the disc in brown, mauve and green.



Gaia Bianchi - Gaia Art Club