An unexpected hidden gem in the heart of Holland Park

¬†Leighton House is one of those places you will never forget because once you step inside you enter a magic world. I haven’t felt the same anywhere else in London. His owner’s essence, the Victorian painter Frederic Leighton, is still there. You can perceive him in every single object he collected and displayed in his studio-house designed to exhibit his¬† tiles’ collection and his paintings.Frederic Leighton was a man who dedicated his life to art and its disclosure, he lived enjoying art and sharing his passion with both his contemporaries and people around him. He was a precursor of the Friday’s late by having in his house music concerts combined with art, Queen Victoria was often among his guests. Including this hidden gem in your London’s tour is a lovely treat and for those living in London is a place of peace and inspiration needed to restore your soul.